Affiliation is open to the World for 2020 Funakoshi Karate

Affiliation is NOW OPEN to the entire world.

All affiliates that join from Sept 2019 till Dec 2019 will have their 2020 affilate membership renewed at NO CHARGE. I want to have affilation membership on a calendar year cycle.

2020 looks like a huge year for Funakoshi Karate/FSKA-World. My goal is to support all affiliates,counties and Shotokan Karate as a whole.

Feel free to communicate any ideas or needs.


Whatsapp +1 2817663327

Needs for 2020.

STRONG Leaders in each Country.

Strong Hosts (Inquire about hosting a 2020 Championship in your country )

2020 Funakoshi Karate World Championship tournament

2020 Funakoshi Karate European Championships

2020 Funakoshi Karate All Asian Championships

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  1. I have interest to going in your organization. Then I have attant you traning camp. Then I will take the affiliation ND contribute in my country. Plz give a permission ND I waiting for your confirmation.
    Gautam nayak
    Ad. 46/36 m d road dumdum
    Can’t kolkata. 700028 (India) north 24 paragsnas.
    Ph…08981621115 also
    WhatsApp. Thank you

    • 2020 Affiliation Form

      email to: or fskahouston@gmail if you DO NOT GET a reply in 7 days.

      Affiliation “Manual” Form for those having trouble accessing the Google Document form. Email application to

      FSKA-World Affiliation Application

      *FSKA-World affiliates head instructors with their dojos. All black belt students training at your dojo will fall under your affiliation. If you have students that have their own dojos, they will need to apply for affiliation for their dojos should they choose to do so.

      Please answer the following questions as completely as possible:

      * Required

      1) Email address *

      2) Name of Applicant: *

      3) Shotokan Rank: *

      4) Date of last rank mm/dd/yyyy: *

      5) Age: *

      6) Dojo Name *

      7) Street Address: *

      City/State/Province: *

      Country: *

      Postal/Zip Code: *

      8) is your preferred mailing address different than your dojo address? *

      9) Name addressed on postage: (your name most likely)

      Street address:



      Postal/Zip Code

      10) Dojo phone number:

      11) Cell/Mobile phone number:

      12) Website:

      13) Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

      14) How many dojos/programs do you personally operate? *

      15) How many students do you have currently training? *

      16) Do you teach karate full-time, or part-time? *

      Full time

      Part time

      17) List your other occupation if you have one. If you have no other occupation, put “N/A.” *

      18) How many years have you actively trained in martial arts? *

      19) Please list the styles you have trained in, along with the number of years you trained in each style: *

      20) Name your past instructors *

      21) List past and/or current affiliations along with the number of years you were involved with them (ex.: JKA 22yrs) *

      22) List any special training or awards you would like us to consider.

      23) Upload photo of you in your gi:

      24) Upload a pic of your current rank certificate:

      25) How far is your dojo from the nearest international airport?


      Funakoshi Sensei

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