2021-2022 Important Announcement: Fees waived for affiliation.


Great to see our World beginning to heal and everyone start to begin the next chapter of our journey.

I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for my lack of replies due to the uncertainty that the Pandemic has caused. Without knowing the future due to the daily changes caused by this Pandemic, it was very difficult to make any promises and plans for the future. Many of you inquired about affiliation and reassure all inquires were greatly appreciated and FSKA-World would gladly welcome you to join our great FSKA-World Family.

(This is the announcement i wanted to make before opening FSKA-World Affiliations again)

FSKA-World would like to waive all Affiliation fees for 2021. FSKA-World goal is to help in any small way to accelerate the recovery both in health and financial hardships many karatekas and Dojo experienced this past year due to the Pandemic.

*Current Affiliates that renewed their affiliations already will have the fees applied to 2022.

Regards and sincere apology,

Funakoshi Sensei

Potential Affiliates email information to: affiliate@fskaworld.com

FSKA-World USA Other FSKA-World matters email : fskahouston@gmail.com

Deadline for affiliation fee waiver July 31, 2021 .

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